Thursday, October 23, 2008

Back in Venezuela

We left Bahia on Sunday, Oct. 19th. and flew from Manta to Quito, the capital of Ecuador. We arrived without any problems and checked into The Windsor Hotel, a relatively inexpensive but very comfortable hotel. It is located in the area of town called The Amazonas, a very artistic section. We spent the rest of the day with one of Jaime's nieces, Pilar and her young son Francisco, and toured the valleys surrounding Quito. Quito,nestled between the Andes is 9800 feet above sea level and very picturesque. Sunday was just a great day with Pilar.

On Monday we went shopping in the morning to buy some gifts that we were bringing back to friends in Venezuela. In the afternoon we had to go to the United States Embassy, in order to add pages to both of our passports. Ofter the past 3 years we have cleared in and out of so many different countries that we were running out of pages for the stamps.
We have been back in the marina for 2 days and are buying food and catching up with all our friends. Allayne and Dennis of Audrey Paige did a great job watching our boat while we were gone for the 2 months. They are getting ready to leave within the week to start sailing for the winter season. We will truly miss them, as Nereia is probably heading west instead of east. We will keep you posted.Now it's time for us to get busy and prepare the boat for the next sailing season!

Dan & Jaime aboard SV Nereia